Psy-Sisters is a global arts collective of female mavericks that specialise in creative collaboration and event production. It is a voluntary organisation to help, seek and inspire women as artists and to provide a platform for new aspiring artists to express themselves creatively.

The collective is founded and managed by Psibindi (aka Rena Biring), who had the vision of bringing together an array of talented, creative women to build a support network for female artists in the Psy-Scene. A group of successful female DJ’s ranging from a variety of diverse backgrounds and bringing a wealth of experience was formed and Psy-Sisters is now an established collective within the scene.

It is one of the most successful projects to take off in the shortest space of time. Since its inception in August 2012, Psy-Sisters Facebook group and Fanpage has already attracted hundreds of female visual artists, Décor crews, DJs, Producers, Musicians, Performers and Promoters around the globe.

In May 2013, Psy-Sisters held their debut event at Union Club, London. With an all-star female DJ line up, the event was a huge success and widely publicised across the Psy-Scene. The collective held their second edition in February 2015, which featured 18 female artists in a two room extravaganza. Both events attracted many well-known characters and party-goers from the scene, bringing together many new faces and offering a wonderful opportunity to unite friends from both past and present. The energy and vibration was outstanding.

The collective released their debut VA entitled ‘Ensoulment’, compiled by Canadian artist Kloud Nin9 and available to buy on Bandcamp. See Psy-Trance section.

Psy-Sisters are now featured in the renowned online music channel ‘Thump’ (sister channel of Vice). The article is written by Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson, founder of EDM female DJ collective ‘Discwoman’ based in the US. See Media section.

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Psy-Sisters Kloud Nin9 & Psibindi talk exclusively about the concept behind Ensoulment VA

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Radio presenter Graham Stannard talks to Psibindi ahead of their launch event.

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For further information about Psy-Sisters or if you would like to enquire about promotion, please send an email to: [email protected]